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The Satsuma Water and Sewer employs 11 employees. We are a member of the Mobile County Merit System operating as an Appointing Authority under the Mobile County Personnel Board. Applications for all positions are processed through the Personnel Board with the exception of unskilled laborers. You may apply online at the Personnel Board web address, www.personnelboard.org.We strive to provide the very best drinking water and customer service to the citizens served by Satsuma Water and Sewer Service by employing the best qualified applicants in all classifications.

Satsuma Water and Sewer Service utilizes more than 8 different types of job classifications. Job requirements vary with the complexity and technological duties of the position and may range from a high school education to advanced degrees.

Civil Service examinations are open to all persons who meet the minimum qualification requirements of education, training, and experience outlined in specific job announcements. The Mobile County Personnel Board conducts examinations. Other qualifications deemed essential to the effective performance of the job may be required as indicated on the official examination announcement. Utilizing job related materials, written and oral examinations are conducted by means of performance testing and the objective evaluation of training and experience.
After successfully going through the selection process, the eligible candidates are placed on an official “employment register” in rank order from highest to lowest, based upon their final average as a result of each examination.
As job vacancies occur, we request certification of the list of eligibles from the Personnel Board and arrange to interview the top ten (or more) candidates, depending upon the number of vacancies. Employment registers typically remain in effect for one year.


Satsuma Water and Sewer System provides a competitive employee benefit package:

  • 10 to 25 days paid annual vacation, based on years of service with accumulation of up to 280 hours
  • 10 days paid annual sick with no limit on accumulation
  • 13 paid holidays
  • Paid group medical and dental plan (self and family coverage)
  • Paid life insurance
  • Retirement plan and Social Security
  • Paid disability insurance plan
  • Periodic 5% salary increases based on merit
  • Periodic cost of living increases
  • Overtime provisions
  • Opportunities for continuing education and self-development through formalized academic and in-service training programs

Classified Positions
Applications for classified positions may be obtained online at the Personnel Board’s web address www.personnelboard.org or in person. All applicants and other forms should be returned in person to the Personnel Board’s office located at 1809 Government Street, Mobile, Alabama 36606-1794, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday of each week or faxed to (251) 470-1708. All applications must be submitted on or prior to the announced closing date contained in the official examination announcement.

Unskilled Laborer Positions 
Applicants interested in Unskilled Laborer positions should contact the office at 251/675-1257

We currently have the following positions open: