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When is my bill due?

The bill is due when rendered.  Non-receipt of a bill by the customer shall not release the customer from making an inquiry as to the amount of the bill and prompt payment.

I don't think my bill is correct. Can someone come out to Re-read my meter?

When a customer requests that their water meter be reread and the initial reading is found to be correct, a $10.00 reread fee will be charged to the customer. The customer will not be charged if the reread indicates that the initial reading was incorrect. Customers are allowed to reread the meter themselves.

Can I have a separate meter installed for watering and filling my swimming pool?

Yes. Irrigation/Pool meters are available to the customer. The meter cannot be used for anything discharged into the sanitary sewer system. For more information, call the office at 251-675-1257.

I had a leak. Can I get an adjustment on my water bill?

Yes, considering you do not have an account that is billed for water only or water/minimum sewer. If the customer can demonstrate clearly that the excessive water did not enter the sanitary sewer, part of the sewer portion of the high bill can be adjusted. The customer must request abatement in writing within 60 days of the date of the excessive bill. The statement should include the type of repair, date of repair, and name and telephone number of person who made the repair. Only one credit is allowed within a twelve (12) month period.

How much does it cost to have water service established at my residence?

If a current meter connection is available, the normal fees to establish a new service at a residence with a 5/8" meter is $100.00. This includes the $60.00 deposit, $30.00 service charge and $10.00 to turn service on the same day of the request. Identification is also requested for tenants to establish/restore service. If a current connection is not available, the total cost would increase by $1800.00.

Is Satsuma Water and Sewer responsible for leaks on my property?

No, Satsuma Water and Sewer is not responsible for leaks on your property. Any leak from the meter to the house is the responsibility of the owner or tenant.

When is my meter read? How often is my meter read?

Meters are read once per month at different times of the month. There is no exact date for a meter reading; however, it is read near the same date each month. On an average, the reading dates can vary from 1-4 days. For example, if your meter is usually read on the 15th of the month, it could vary from the 13th-17th. The customer should receive the bill within the first few days of the month.

Where is your business office located? What is the mailing address to send my bill?

The Satsuma Water and Sewer Business Office is located at 5502 Old Highway 43, Satsuma, Alabama. Office hours are from 7:30AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Thursday and 7:30AM to 11:30AM Friday, except on designated holidays. Telephone hours are 7:30AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Thursday and 7:30AM to 11:30AM Friday. The mailing address for bill payment is: P.O. Box 559, Satsuma, Alabama 36572-9559. All other correspondence (letters, leak statements, etc.), can be mailed to the same address listed above. You can also click the Direction page on this website to gain directions.

Who do I contact if my property is damaged by Satsuma Water and Sewer?

Notify Satsuma Water and Sewer immediately with detailed information @ (251) 675-1257.

Why does my Water and Sewer bill include garbage and fire donation?

The Satsuma Water and Sewer Board collects $22.50 a month garbage fee and $1.00 fire donation monthly for the City of Satsuma monthly. All questions related to garbage or fire should contact the City of Satsuma at (251) 675-1440.

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