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History of Satsuma Water and Sewer


In 1963, the Town of Satsuma adopted an ordinance authorizing the issuance of $448,000 principal amount of Revenue bonds of the Town of Satsuma, Alabama, under the provisions of Title 37, Chapter 6, Article 2, Subdivision 3 of the code of Alabama, 1940, as amended for the purpose of acquiring and constructing a waterworks system to provide water and water service for the Town and its inhabitants.


The bond issue covered the construction of all pipes, meters, fire hydrants, valves, etc, and all personnel property constituting a part of the waterworks system necessary for a complete water works system to provide water service in the Town of Satsuma and surrounding territory.


The construction of the Water Treatment Plant #1, located at Plateau Ave., and both Well sites, located at Highway 43 and Plateau and the Well site adjacent to Plateau Ave. began construction in 1963.  This treatment plant and both well sites provided water to all city residents and had a storage capacity of 200,000 gallons.


The Satsuma Water Board was incorporated in 1979 as a “Water Board” and the Town of Satsuma conveyed the existing water system to the Board.  Before this time, all employees and facilities were a part of the City of Satsuma.


As the Town of Satsuma grew, the need for a larger water system was evident.  In 1980 the Water Board constructed Water Treatment Plant #2 and Well site #3, located at Woodland Ave.   The storage capacity at this facility is 750,000, bringing the total storage capacity for the City to 950,000.


In 1995, the Water Board saw the need to install a Sanitary Sewer System to help to protect the environment from Septic systems throughout the system.  The construction of a Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Sewer Collection system began in 1995 and was completed in 1998.


In October of 1995, the Water and Sewer Board was developed.  The governing body of this corporation consists of five members elected by the City of Satsuma for staggered terms.  Each term for each member is six years.


Since its inception the Board has constructed and maintains 50 miles of water mains, two groundwater treatment plants, 3 groundwater wells, 2 storage tanks totaling 950,000 gallons of water, a wastewater treatment plant capable of treating 950,000 of sewage and 36 miles of sewer mains.



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